Focaccia or Ciabatta

1. Salami, Emmenthal Cheese and Salad

2. Parma Ham, Mozzarella Cheese and Salad

3. Mortadella Ham, strong Provolone Cheese and Salad

4. Artichokes, mild Cheese and Chili Olives

5. Green Basil Pesto, sundried Tomatoes and Mozzarella Cheese

6. Cooked Ham, mild Cheese and Salad

7. Marinated Anchovies Fish, Artichokes and Salad

8. Tuna Fish, fresh Tomatoes, Mayonnaise and Salad

9. Hot Salami Ventricina, Sheep Cheese and grilled Peppers

10. Pancetta coppata, Gruyere Cheese and grilled Aubergines

11. Chorizo, Manchego Cheese and Salad

12. Bresaola (Cured Beef), Parmesan Cheese, fresh Tomatoes and Salad

13. Garlic Salami, French Goat Cheese and grilled Peppers

14. Smoked Speck Ham, Asiago Cheese and Salad

15. Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, fresh Tomatoes, green Basil Pesto and Salad

16. Roasted Ham with Herbs, Taleggio Cheese and Salad

17. Grilled Pork Sausages and Friarielli (turnip green)

18. Turkey Ham, roasted Peppers Mayonnaise and Salad

19. Guanciale, Pecorino Romano and fresh Tomatoes

20. Hot Salami Spianata, Smoked Cheese and Mushrooms

21. Grilled Aubergines, Friarielli and fresh Tomatoes

22. Simmenthal (Beef Meat in Jelly), Parmesan Cheese, fresh Tomato, Mayonnaise and Salad

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